Remember playing outside?

We still do!

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Habitats for Play

Do you remember playing outside as a child? Damming streams, making secret hideouts, seeing just how high you could climb? 

We certainly do and we believe that the next generation deserve the same rich play experiences we had. 

With over three decades as pioneers in our field, we design and build stimulating ‘habitats’ that invite children to play freely in a world of their own imagination, while kindling their innate love and appreciation of the natural world.

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A wide range of play experiences

Drawing on a wealth of research in the field of play, as well as our own hands-on experience working with children and communities, we understand the importance of different types of play. Our designs accommodate children’s differing and changing play needs – from wild and physical to quiet and imaginative. We use the following 6 play types to categorise our play offerings.

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