Connecting children and nature through play

“Let nature be your teacher”

– Wordsworth

Observe almost any group of children playing in a natural setting and you will see inventiveness, creativity and stimulated imaginations. 

Free, self-directed play in nature is vital to the development of healthy, happy human beings and for the last three decades we have devoted ourselves to designing spaces where children’s instinctive play needs are truly satisfied.

We want to work with you to provide the best possible play opportunities for current and future generations.

Watch the videos below to learn more about our design philosophy.

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Part 1 – Why does natural play matter?

Part 2 – How we design and build

Creating habitats for play

To stimulate children’s innate play instinct and love of nature, our designers look to the natural world for inspiration to create spaces where children can feel ‘at home’ in their natural habitat. By creating open-ended “invitations to play”, a single play feature or natural form can lead a child into a vast world created by their own energy and imagination

The use of materials and shapes that work in harmony with the existing surrounding, and clever linking up of the different elements creates the illusion of endless space even in smaller settings. This circular flow of play directs children through the setting, allowing them to connect with each other and the rich natural world surrounding them.

Building playable communities

Play is much more than an isolated activity exclusive to children.

As well as freedom, children need a sense of safety and belonging in the adult world, and adults need to witness the joy and vitality of young people. In the past, playing outside was a given and communities were held together by life and play happening right on their doorstep.

Well-designed play spaces have the power to break down barriers between people of all ages, social groups and abilities. We create environments that bring people together by providing inclusive play opportunities alongside spaces for gathering, resting and watching the world go by. 

You can read about one of our case studies here or have a look at our Projects page for inspiration.