Edith Kerrison Community Sensory Garden

Date completed: September 2023
Location: Custom House, London

A brand-new sensory garden at Edith Kerrison Nursery School, designed to be a secure and engaging environment where children with autism can play and thrive in nature.

We are thrilled to share the opening of our brand-new sensory garden in East London, which serves as a social hub for kids with autism. The garden is intended to excite all five senses and offers a secure and encouraging environment in which to play and learn. 

Calm areas: There are a number of peaceful, sheltered areas in the garden where kids can unwind and relieve tension. 

Sensory stimulation: Kids can investigate the various plant textures and fragrances, take in the melodies of the chimes and water features, touch the natural materials such as sand, wood and stone and see the world differently through coloured light and bendy reflections.

Physical exercise: The garden has many areas for physical activity, including a sandpit, a wobbly bridge, and a climbing frame. Children’s vestibular system, motor abilities, and coordination can all be enhanced by these exercises.

Our hope is that the garden will provide a space where children and families can gather to interact, learn, and play. 

See photos of the site before at the end of the gallery.

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