Hidden Valley

Date completed: July 2022
Location: Launceston, Cornwall

Hidden Valley is a puzzle-themed family visitor attraction in the rolling hills of Cornwall. Part of the client’s brief for the woodland clearing included a show-stopping nine-metre tall play tower as a centrepiece for the new play park.

Earth Wrights’ design for the tower incorporated a wildly leaning shape propped up by massive round timber logs at all four corners.  The imposing structure immediately invites children to enter into an unknown space, unlike anything they encounter in daily life. Its unconventional form sparks a sense of curiosity in children, giving them the feeling that they are about to jump into a world that has been created without rules or instructions! The idea that they are climbing a tower that looks like it might topple over adds a level of excitement that they won’t find in standard play equipment. (Now, of course, our Earth Wrights’ designers brought in specialist structural engineers to help create the haphazard appearance – but the kids don’t need to be thinking about that). 

Once in the tower, children find a series of rooms, connected by decks and nets, leading up to a six-metre tube slide and the top floor viewing level. The net tunnel in the belly of the tower has entrances at several points, so there are multiple ways up and down to keep their curiosity alive. At the back, a balance trail, toddler deck and slide are integrated into the larger structure so that smaller children feel involved, but at a comfortable distance from the big kids’ active play. A cantilever basket swing, a toddler swing and a classic zipline to create that final buzz are all set in the surrounding landscape of sensory planting, completing Earth Wrights’ contribution to this wonderful place.

Throughout the concept development and installation of this amazing play park, Earth Wrights’ worked collaboratively with the client, weaving their vision with our play expertise to inspire and energise children within a truly bespoke playspace. The end result is a space that provides endless creative play moments to really ignite and stretch children’s imaginations. 

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