Kimberley Park

Date completed: April 2012
Location: Falmouth
Sectors worked with:
  • Architects & Developers

We were approached by a local landscape architect to design a play space for Kimberley Park in Falmouth. It was an exciting proposition: a large space with hardly any existing equipment that needed play experiences for all ages, from toddlers to teens, and had to incorporate three playful kinetic sculptures made by Cornish artists.

We designed the space using natural connecting features:  incorporating land formations, play mounds and hollows, tunnels, accessible pathways and even a tree house with a climbing play route leading away from it. All these elements linked together to create an integrated play landscape.

It has proven a massive success for Falmouth, drawing visitors from Cornwall and beyond. It is now a well-known destination park, strengthening the social fabric of the town by providing a place where families meet and play, knowing they can spend the whole day in the park and their kids will be happy.

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The park built by Earth Wrights has had a huge effect on the town. It has created a hub that wasn’t previously there. All ages from babies to grannies seem to be catered for (and more importantly, independently entertained). I know of many people who come to Falmouth specifically for a day out in the park. Which given the appeal of the beaches says an awful lot. The build is also of exceptional quality, durability, and ethically and sustainably sourced. 11 out of 10 all-round!

Rob Higgs, local sculptor

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