Parkers Way

Date completed: June 2017
Location: Totnes
Sectors worked with:
  • Community

Early in 2016 we were asked to lead a consultation on play and recreation in the Bridgetown area of Totnes. Issues such as old and inadequate equipment, litter and general neglect of the neighbourhood were discouraging the use of what was potentially a wonderful community space.

To find out how local residents liked to play and socialise we organised a one-day event to inspire the community around play possibilities on the site. We offered all day parkour workshops, hula hooping, muddy play, music, food and an ideas station which included sand box design, story work, mapping and drawing.

The results helped us design a play space that blends with the environment, protects and enhances an existing wildlife corridor and invites children to play in the ‘wilds’ beyond the designated playground.

New landforms were added with substantial areas of planting (for wildlife, pollinators and play) and fruit and nut trees. Dynamic play elements such as the hill top tower, climbing rope course, parkour structure and basket swing provide exciting play opportunities and younger children are catered for with a large multilevel play tower in a pea shingle pit.

Seating and a shelter provide extra facilities for the community to stay and play. Flooding issues were carefully addressed both with the local council’s drainage experts and our own flood attenuation bog garden. This area has thrived with increased biodiversity, offering children the chance to connect with, and learn about, local flora and fauna.

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