Sacrewell Farm

Date completed: July 2019
Location: Peterborough
Sectors worked with:
  • Tourism

The immersive playable landscape at Sacrewell integrates natural structures, planting, visual cues and land forms into the existing rich environment to create an exciting play experience for children of all ages.

The area was regenerated by opening up access points and pathways and replacing ‘no-go’ zones with gentler barriers such as planting. Subtle and open-ended play invitations are scattered around that draw children in, lead them through the space and allow them to connect to the landscape.

The watercourse was enhanced with informal crossings, large boulders and stone walling to allow easy access and an invitation to engage with the water and its inhabitants. A nature trail with balance beams, nets, a nest structure and traversing ropes offers physical and adventurous play, and the use of mounds and planting creates a labyrinthine setting for imaginative games. Seating elements throughout improve the site’s dwell time and potential use as a gathering or performance space.

Photography by George Parish at Sacrewell Farm

It's hugely important for children to have a safe place to enjoy nature. There's so many different parts of this area for children to enjoy - they could never get bored.

Laura Bingham, Explorer and Adventurer

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