School for Inspiring Talent

“Earth Wrights’ team of designers were pivotal in ensuring our playscape was fit for purpose and met both our requirements as educationalists understanding trauma (and what our student’s needs were at different ages and stages), but also in combining this with our students and stakeholders aspirations for the equipment. The development of our outdoor spaces has been transformational for many of our children and young people, enabling regulation, socialisation and a growth in confidence.”

Emily Hanbury, Head of Curriculum, School for Inspiring Talent

All children, regardless of their level of need, can benefit from the sensory and experiential opportunities that nature provides.  At Earth Wrights, we work closely with you to create natural play spaces that consider the needs of all children and form an integral part of a diverse learning environment. Our designs aim to ensure that every child has an opportunity to play, to learn about themselves, and to experience the wider world.

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