St Josephs Primary

Date completed: November 2017
Location: Bristol
Sectors worked with:
  • Education

When St Joseph’s Primary got a new head teacher one of the first things she noticed was the potential for an exciting play space in the school grounds. They had an enormous underused tarmac space in a very urban setting with few play opportunities. It was a space calling for a vision.

Her goal was to create a rich play environment for all ages: lots of loose parts, appropriate physical challenges, opportunities for creative expression and quiet areas for children to eat their lunches, read and rest. She also wanted to green the school, softening the area with more trees and bushes.

There was one big limitation: the school is a church school which is used as a car park on Sundays, so in certain areas we had to stick to the edges of the space to not interfere with parking. We found out the maximum area we could occupy for play and worked right to that edge.

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