Our Approach

In our design work we like to get a chance to ask children directly how they like to play and connect socially, which allows them to take ownership (and often stewardship) of their play spaces. We believe that good design can, and should, bring humans and nature closer together and are always exploring new ways to invite children and adults to engage with the natural world around them.

We listen to your ideas

Our goal is to create the best possible play experiences within the space and budget you have available. In order to do so we start with taking note of what is already there in the designated play space and the surroundings. Physical features – trees, mounds, existing play equipment – as well as people’s stories.

Talking to local children we might find out they have a name for a space or a game they usually play there. Adults will remember how they used to play. Even playgrounds that are rusty, old and on their last legs will have stories that developed over the years. Listening to people’s memories is a way of respecting the space as it stands and allowing these stories to inform our design.

We work with you to add more play value

Based on client conversations and consultation results we will then seek to enhance the space by creating more opportunities to meet different play needs and adding more shape to the space that children can explore and discover through structures, planting and earth forms.

By introducing play elements that encourage not just physical challenge but also social interaction and cooperation we create opportunities for a variety of social experiences to happen from chase games to imaginative and social games to quiet and reflective play.  All these opportunities happen within the same space: structures, seating spaces and little quiet corners where children watch the bugs in the bushes.

We build a place for everyone

Boundaries between the play area and wider community are designed to feel fluid, creating easy access and a sense that this is not somewhere separate but a place for everyone. All our designs meet PIPA guidelines where possible.

Both in the design phase and while we build the play space we encourage input from the wider community wherever possible, through community consultation or engaging the children from the area. Our site team are great at sharing how stuff is done and children love seeing their new play space emerge over time.